Services detailed

Please note that for personal yoga instruction or group classes, it is preferable not to eat for 2 hours before a session. For yoga class, please dress in loose or stretchable clothing.

Group yoga classes including Prenatal Yoga*                                                                                                                                           

For the current group yoga class schedule details click on the schedule tab above. For group yoga please use our back parking lot entrance unless it says Central Ave. Classes generally 75 minutes. Type of class, Women/ Men is indicated on the schedule.

We have three kinds of classes:

(1) The first level is our easiest kind and these classes are ideal for beginners, women who are prenatal*, and anyone who just wants a gentle experience. These are called Beginner Yoga  on our schedule. 

(2) The second level is Intermediate Yoga. These classes are for those who want more of a physical challenge. 

(3) Open Level classes are open to everyone. 

*For prenatal yoga we suggest having your doctors approval to practice, telling the yoga instructor where you are in your pregnancy, and that you take extra care not to twist or compress your abdominal area in any of the postures. Also, please rest or modify your practice to keep it gentle for your unique body. 

Fees: One Beginner Special per new student only: 

See Intro Offers

Then $25 per class ($22 if paid on-line) or $144 for 8 classes (valid for three months).  See services/fees for other options.

The schedule is the go-to place for even last minute changes. If you have any doubt and would like to be absolutely certain that a class is taking place, call or text 516.371.3715. Most often you do not need to preregister,  drop-ins are welcome. 

Licensed Massage Therapy

While we do our best to accommodate same day requests and walk-ins we suggest you call a few days in advance to book your session. Massages are filled on an appointment basis. We currently schedule massages between the 8am and 9pm Monday through Friday (we close earlier on Friday) and can sometimes fill Sunday requests. Please use our Central Avenue entrance for massages. 

​Call or text 516-371-3715 or email to book a session. If you leave a message please include your preferred day and time options for your session. You will receive a reply shortly. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a way one may strengthen  health in a holistic, non-invasion fashion. Improved connective tissue health, increased local and general circulation, lowered blood pressure, decreased stress, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system and sensory skin receptors, increased muscle relaxation and joint range of motion, improved elimination of metabolic wastes, and increased body awareness are just some of the advantages.

What To Expect From a Massage Session

Before the massage begins, the client will fill out a short intake form. The therapist and client will discuss specific goals for the session, and any other concerns or preferences the client may have. The therapist will then take the client into the treatment room, where there will be a place for the client’s belongings. The therapist will leave the room for a few minutes as the client disrobes to their level of comfort, and gets comfortable on the massage table, covered by a soft sheet. The therapist will knock to see if they are ready before re-entering the treatment room. The massage is accompanied by soft relaxing music, and a serene environment. Throughout the massage, the client remains covered by the sheet, leaving only the body part being worked on exposed. Generally, the massage is done with a moderate amount of oil. Throughout the session the therapist will be open to feedback regarding the pressure being used, the area being focused on, etc.

We kindly ask for our clients to come 10 minutes before the scheduled session. 

Modalities Described

Swedish Massage

Reward yourself and destress with a truly relaxing treatment that will dissolve the strains and tensions of everyday living. Tune inward and enjoy as the therapist utilizes different relaxation techniques such as gentle stretching, long gliding stokes, kneading, and percussion stokes, addressing the superficial layers of underlying fascia. Oil will be applied to the skin.


Connective Tissue Massage (Deep Tissue)

Also known as Deep Tissue, this technique addresses the deeper layers of fascia surrounding whole muscles, as well as individual muscle fibers. A specific focus is paid to adhered muscle fibers (knots), and chronically shortened fibers (trigger points) with deep, slow strokes applied both generally and locally. A reserved amount of oil or lotion is applied to provide greater resistance for the therapist to achieve maximal results.                                  

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in a family’s life, yet a demanding one for the expectant mother,

physically, mentally, and emotionally.  As the months of pregnancy progress, so do the stresses on the body and mind as the mother-to-be undergoes drastic structural and hormonal changes. Prenatal massage is aimed to ease the process for the expectant mother, addressing the strains experienced, while catering to the special accommodations a pregnant body needs at all stages of pregnancy. A great gift for yourself or for others.

Massage Service Options *

Men's Massage with Andrew Kahn, ERYT, LMT 

Women's Massage with licensed female therapists

Thai Yoga Massage

Click above to learn more about this session which some find as restorative as massage. It is done with the clothing on and without oil by a certified yoga instructor.

*Please note that all massages are licensed, professional, and therapeutic variety. We do NOT offer what is sometimes called "sensual massage." 


If you feel that your therapist provided outstanding service and you would like to express your gratitude by tipping it is  appreciated. If your therapist is on staff they are not receiving your full payment for themselves.  Tips often amount to a significant portion of many massage therapists overall earnings. Of course, if your budget does not allow for this added expense you are under no obligation to and you can simply express your gratitude for exceptional service verbally. 

Call or text 516-371-3715 or email to book a session. If you leave a message please include your preferred day and time options for your session. You will receive a reply shortly. 

Thai Yoga

This deeply relaxing experience uses hands-on assistance to facilitate movement at each joint in your body. You will feel balanced, peaceful, and restored. You'll be left with a more open body, increased range of motion, improved circulation, and an over-all sense of well being. Warning this experience is highly addictive.

Personal Yoga Instruction or Yoga Therapy

This may involve developing a yoga practice tailored to your individual needs and physical abilities. A typical session lasts 60 minutes and may include warm-up stretches, yoga postures, breathing techniques, guided relaxation, meditation, and holistic lifestyle instruction. You may receive guidance in developing your own at home practice. Hands-on assistance is tailored to your preferences. 

Personal Fitness

Work with our certified personal fitness instructor in our studio or in your home to get fit at your own pace and focusing on your priorities. 

Personal Consultations

We are happy to talk to you and respond to a few simple questions for free. If you want more, did you know that you can have a 10 or 15 minute one time or a monthly check in where you can ask questions, assess your progress, and get trusted guidance. You will be making a commitment to stay on track toward your full potential. Ask if you want a greater commitment. This is good for in person, phone, Skype, Tango, etc. You may ask any questions or seek guidance as long as it is within our scope of practice. This includes but is not limited to dealing with stress, promoting health and vitality naturally, general healthy eating guidance, learning to improve focus, learning to let go and relax, building strength, increasing flexibility, promoting circulation, developing balance, dealing with specific physical pains, meditation training, yoga and breathing guidance, lifestyle suggestions, etc.  

Yoga Parties 

Parties are for children or adults and can be focused on a theme. A typical class includes warm-up stretches, partner postures, other interactive experiences, guided relaxation, and meditation. These classes are fun, energizing, and set a great tone for your gathering. Parties range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. 

Corporate Classes and Holistic Health Seminars

Generally for the business community, these classes can be delivered in almost any setting. The seminars often include group participation with simple seated and standing yoga, breathing techniques for relaxation and alertness, holistic lifestyle principles, and guided meditation. Seminars range from one 2-hour session to four 2-hour sessions.