Testimonials and References

 "It feels so good to be in the hands of a 'PRO.' Thanks for the yoga experience."  Harville Hendrix Ph.D., Author of New York Times Bestseller,Getting the Love You Want. 12/2/2001  

 "Andrew Kahn was a student of mine in Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. He was an extraordinarily fine student and a gifted teacher. His classes are taught with skill, confidence, gentleness and spirit.
Deva Parnel, Director of Yoga Education Kripalu Center, 1995  

Mazal tov on the publication of How to be a Peaceful Presence and thank you for so thoughtfully providing me with a copy and including such a kind, lovely inscription.  I have had a chance to peruse your book and find it rich with good advice, common sense, and simple wisdom.   

 Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg  

I look forward to my yoga sessions at Peaceful Presence. It is truly an oasis of self-care. Since the space is a proper yoga studio, the professional instructors succeed in creating an atmosphere conducive to introspection and growth.

The practice of yoga gives me the opportunity to quiet all of the noise in my life and listen to myself.

I always wonder how people can handle the natural stresses in life without yoga!

-Basha Mindell, Lawrence resident

 Rabbi Wolowik gives his blessing to Andrew and the work of the Peaceful Presence Studio.
Watch the video. 

 Teaching yoga to the over-50 population:
Letter received from The Valley Hospital. 

 Teaching yoga and holistic health to children and young adults:
Letter received from The DeSisto School. 

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I started to practice yoga during one of my pregnancies, after having had 2 c-sections, to strengthen my body and prepare for birth.  What ended up helping me most was the breathing I learned in yoga. I ended up with a natural birth!