*4/8/2020 All CLASSES ARE NOW VIRTUAL* Schedule of Classes

See our updated schedule below. 

*For group classes use our back, lot entrance unless otherwise directed*

Please note that once a class has begun it is no longer listed on the schedule below. 

More Schedule related info below

For Now we are Doing all of our classes Virtually. 

*For group classes use our back entrance unless otherwise directed*

Please note that for personal yoga instruction or group classes, it is preferable not to eat for 2 hours before a session. For yoga class, please dress in loose or stretchable clothing.

Group yoga classes including Prenatal Yoga*                                                                                                                                          

For the current group yoga class schedule details click on the schedule tab above. Classes generally 75 minutes. Type of class, Women/ Men is indicated on the schedule.

We have three kinds of classes:

(1) The first level is our easiest kind and these classes are ideal for beginners, women who are prenatal*, and anyone who just wants a gentle experience. These classes have the word "easy" in the class name on the schedule. 

(2) The second level is intermediate or moderate in difficulty. These classes are for those who want more of a physical challenge. On the schedule they have the word "intermediate" in the class name. 

(3) The third level is "all level."  These classes are intended for a wide range of students. 

*For prenatal yoga we suggest having your doctors approval to practice, telling the yoga instructor where you are in your pregnancy, and that you take extra care not to twist or compress your abdominal area in any of the postures. Also, please rest or modify your practice to keep it gentle for your unique body.

Fees: 4/8/2020 We are now offering single class fees only given the current health crisis.


Click here to see our introductory specials for brand new students at the studio. 

Then $25 per class ($20 if paid by you on-line before class) or $140 for 8 classes (valid for three months).  See the services/fees overview for other options.

If you have any doubt and would like to be absolutely certain that a class is taking place, call or text 516.371.3715. Drop-ins are welcome. 

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