Promoting Health, Vitality & Peace        
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Promoting Health, Vitality and Peace with Yoga
& Licensed Massage Therapy
& more.

The Peaceful Presence Studio
436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516
(Please note that we have two entrances.)

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(including yoga, prenatal yoga and Tai Chi)

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For a taste of what and how we teach and a little relaxation you can click the play button below and listen to our 140 second commercial called "breathing 101".

Video introduction and more from Andrew

Additions, Announcements and Events
updated 4/3/2014

The studio will be closed on April 15, 16, 21, 22. See the full updated schedule.

Click here to gain insight and inspiration from one source of ancient wisdom and learn about a leopard, an eagle, a deer, and a lion.

Click here to learn more about Andrew and his new book, How to be a Peaceful Presence: Finding Your Inner Peace. 
Click here to purchase the book. You can also order books to pick up at the studio ($10 each) or have us send them to you by sending an email request.It makes a great present for the people you care about.
Click here for an updated weekly class schedule 
(including yoga, prenatal yoga and Tai Chi)

The simple white dove is a universal symbol of hope and peace. It is our logo.
Peace, which includes physical relaxation, mental focus, emotional calm, and spiritual integrity, is one of our primary aims.  Along with the graceful dove, the strengths of other animals also have a place in our lives...

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