Virtual Peaceful Presence Yoga School

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Is your goal to teach Peaceful Presence Yoga (TM) privately or in a group setting or do you just want to deepen your understanding of yoga and share it with your own family and friends?             

The current situation has opened up an opportunity for you to become a Yoga Alliance Recognized Yoga Teacher with Virtual Training with Andrew Kahn.

Training Dates: April 20th to June 30th, Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm. 

Price: $2500 Total including books and materials

Teacher and Director: Andrew Kahn BA, E-RYT, LMT * 

*Other yoga teachers may or may not also be involved. 

If you are seriously interested in joining me for this virtual yoga teacher training please email me right away to let me know of your interest. If we have the needed number of students (minimum 7) we will begin on April 20th. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. Click to email.

Here are your details for this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training:

Full disclosure as I see it today: 

  • Ours is a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program with a difference: The Peaceful Presence Yoga Teacher is ideal for those who wish to have a training free of Eastern religious references that often find there way into yoga teacher trainings.  
  • We do not have training on Saturday or other major religious holidays. 

The Peaceful Presence Yoga School, true to the essence of yoga, recognizes that there is One God and drawing closer to the Creator and His service is the essence of all spirituality and also of true yoga practice. A yoga teacher helps others by example and by teaching this discipline. 

  • We will plan to end by June 30th.

If we do not end by June 30, technically I can not guarantee that I will be able to complete it virtually and we may need to do the remainder in person. Frankly, I believe that the Yoga Alliance will be flexible on this but I don't want to tell you something of which I'm not certain. 

  • We would have 200 hours of virtual classes and you would be responsible for viewing a recording of any missed sessions.
  • Prerequisites: 6 months of some form of yoga practice prior to starting this yoga teacher training.
  • This course uses live virtual classes and lecture, texts, written and verbal tests, and recorded practice teaching that you submit using a recording device. 
  • There are required agreements:  You may not open up a yoga studio within a two mile radius of a Peaceful Presence Yoga Studio. You will be required to sign a form with this commitment as well as some other professional and ethical commitments.
  • There will be tests on mastery of the material.
  • The lessons will include learning warm ups, postures, breathing techniques, mediation, basic healthy eating principles, anatomy and physiology, along with associated holistic health philosophy.
  • The virtual cost will be $2300 plus $200 for books and other supplies. 
  • Our payment and refund policy will apply: There will be an initial deposit of $200. This deposit is non-refundable, unless we choose to cancel, so be sure you can commit to the time before paying. Makeups will be strictly limited to the recorded sessions and there may be limits to the number of "absences" you may have.  This deposit will be applied to your balance. A nonrefundable 50% deposit of the remaining total is required one week before the start of the program. The balance is due before ​your second class and is also non-refundable. Again, after this point, there will be no refunds for any reason unless I cancel the program. 
  • Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 and 3 we will hold the training. It would start on April 20th and end plan to end by June 30. You will be responsible for letting me know if you need to miss a live session and for listening to the recording. 
  • Topics include: Techniques training and practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and lifestyle, ethics for yoga teachers, and practicum.​

Lessons included in our last 3 Yoga Alliance Recognized Yoga Teacher Trainings:

Topic(s) Covered

Structure of Program; Overview of PPY Philosophy of teaching yoga

Principles of alignment

Warm ups w/ Andrew 

Yoga instruction

Press points and Postures

Warm ups

Yoga poses grouping 1

Guided practice w/ Andrew or staff

Yoga poses grouping 2

Balancing w/Andrew or staff

A & P 1,Human physical anatomy and physiology

Understanding energy


Bones and Skeletal Tissues

The Skeletal System 

Please click here to email questions and to let us to know of your interest.